About Rapid Screen 123

Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder Since 2003

Our founder and owner Lynn Leary started her career as an attorney. As she worked with more clients, she noticed a serious problem plaguing the American economy… and felt called to do something about it. She noticed that from human resources staff to diversity training to legal services, small- and medium-sized business owners have a lot of hats to wear. In the early 2000s, your choices were running yourself ragged doing everything yourself or spending most of your hard-earned revenue hiring teams to provide these services. And Lynn just couldn’t stand to see business owners sacrifice their livelihoods and their health any longer.

Putting the Humanity Back Into Human Resources

By 2008, we’d become laser-focused on supporting companies like yours in the ways that matter most—by offering convenient, affordable, and effective drug and alcohol testing services.

Even back then, it was clear that our innovative approach to providing these services made a huge difference for businesses like yours. Because when you hire out your human resources, legal department, and other professional services, it’s easy for your business to lose its heart and soul.

It’s even easier when you end up hiring a company who sees you as another quick buck.

We quickly renewed our commitment to providing services for organizations like yours that don’t need full-service in-house teams for these departments. How? By opening our own drug and alcohol testing facilities nationwide and offering services where we come to you.

Your Rapid Success is Our Mission

Today, our passion for giving organizations a turbo-boost is burning brighter than ever. We’re committed to improving safety in your working environments by providing accurate, cost-effective, and timely alcohol and drug testing options.

At RAPID SCREEN 123, we understand that alcohol and drug testing are extremely important and sensitive aspects of your business.

Screening potential new hires isn’t just a standard protocol… it’s what protects you from potential liability issues and ensures a productive workforce.

Random drug screenings for existing employees aren’t just a line in your employee handbook… they help you rapidly get to the root of workforce issues and stop them at the source.

Our team of skilled MROs and expert personnel is dedicated to detecting and fighting illicit drug use in your company. In this world of unprecedented times and once-in-a-lifetime events, our number one priority continues to be providing you with reliable, effective, convenient, and affordable drug and alcohol testing services.

When you work with RAPID SCREEN 123, there’s no limit to what you can

In 2022 we added Background Checks and Fingerprinting to further help our clients. When you work with RAPID SCREEN 123. there’s no limit to what you can achieve.