Background Checks

Poor staffing selections can have a significant financial impact to a company. Pre-employment testing that works has been shown to decrease hiring risk, boost morale, cut down on attrition, and raise the company’s investment in its staff.
Background check services from RAPID SCREEN 123 assist companies increase their return on investment by giving them the data they require, when they require it, to make informed, sensible hiring decisions.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, legal know-how, and top-notch customer service, RAPID SCREEN 123 establishes the industry standard for ensuring that each client receives accurate information in the fastest and most affordable way possible.

To guarantee that our services are always in compliance with state and federal standards, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, RAPID SCREEN 123 keeps up with legislative developments that can have an influence on the background screening industry.

To find out more about our services for doing employment background checks, contact RAPID SCREEN 123 right away.

Services for background checks include

  • Social Security Number Verification with Address Trace – RAPID SCREEN 123 generates and validates the name(s) and address(es) linked to the use of the candidate’s listed Social Security Number.
  • Education History Verification – RAPID SCREEN 123 contacts the institution’s Registrar or Student Records Office to confirm the candidate’s highest level of education or degree stated.
  • Reference Verification – We may also confirm the qualifications of any professional or personal reference using a standard or customized questionnaire.
  • DOT – RAPID SCREEN 123 checks job verifications at any level for the DOT. Included are the DOT-required questions related to accidents, failed drug tests, and drug test refusal.
  • Credit History – (For Employment Purposes) – RAPID SCREEN 123 sends a Trans Union copy of the applicant’s credit history.
  • County Criminal Searches – RAPID SCREEN 123 searches county Superior and Municipal court records in the area to obtain the most recent, most current records and dispositions.
  • Criminal Record Searches On The Federal Level – RAPID SCREEN 123 searches for offences involving violations of federal law at one or more of the 94 U.S. Federal District Courthouses nationwide.
  • State Criminal Record Searches – In states that allow the lawful disclosure of their law enforcement or criminal record information repositories, RAPID SCREEN 123 offers statewide criminal record searches. Traffic violations, felonies, and/or misdemeanors are all possible types of recorded crimes.
  • Sex Offender Reports: This service examines the records of offenders who, in many cases, have been found guilty of crimes involving sexual violence against adults and children as well as of specific sexual contact with minors and other offences. This search includes the District of Columbia, all 50 states, and all Native American territories.
  • Driving records / vehicle records The most recent 3–7 years of a candidate’s driving history are obtained using RAPID SCREEN 123. details pertaining to driving
  • Professional License / Certification Verification – RAPID SCREEN 123 makes contact with the relevant accrediting body and/or professional association to confirm the validity of the candidate’s professional licenses and/or certifications. The subject’s license number, the type of license or certification issued, the date it was issued, its expiration date, and any disciplinary proceedings, sanctions, suspensions, or revocations will all be verified.

Additionally, tenant searches, civil records searches, and overseas searches are accessible as background check services. For information on our Drug & Alcohol Testing click here

Background Checks FAQ

Criminal background checks will identify any past or present criminal charges, including felony and misdemeanor convictions, as well as any history of adult incarceration. Arrests that are being investigated might also be reported.
  • Verification of identity
  • Criminal history checks
  • Credit history checks
  • Report from Dept of Motor Vehicles
  • Background checks for education and professional licenses
  • Background checks using fingerprints
  • Background checks using E-Verify
  • Criminal History
  • Inconsistencies in Education
  • A bad credit history
  • A tarnished driving record
  • The employment history is false
  • A negative drug test
Identity verification is usually a part of pre-employment background checks, which can look back up to seven years. Nevertheless, they might go back further based on the state’s compliance regulations and the type of search. Most firms won’t need to verify an employee’s identification for longer than seven years.
Depending on the database being searched, such as the National Criminal Database, the turnaround time for a criminal background check can be substantially faster than the standard one to three business days.
Frequently, a job offer will be withdrawn following a background check. Or the offer is withdrawn following a credit check. In essence, job offers are withdrawn by businesses if you don’t meet a requirement.
  • Employment dates
  • Dates and academic degrees
  • Work title
  • Position description
  • Why the worker departed their position
  • Whether the worker was let go for cause
  • Whether the employee has any problems with tardiness or absence
  • If the worker is qualified for rehire