Frequently Asked Questions

Drug testing your employees will allow you to maintain a safe and professional working environment. Maintaining a good drug policy safeguards your company from untrustworthy employees and stop drug abusers at the gates, therefore it is highly advisable to routinely drug test your employees.

We have helped DOT regulated companies maintain their drug policies for many years. We offer DOT drug and alcohol testing, random drug testing consortium services and drug policies for DOT employers. To learn more, visit our services page

Rapidscreen123 provides a variety of services for private individuals, much like employers and employees. This includes drug tests required for legal reasons, personal reasons or random drug testing programs.

We guarantee the complete privacy and comfort of individuals who are looking for a private drug. Rapidscreen123 do not question or give regards to the motives and reasoning behind a drug test which an individual requests.

It can be a hassle to arrange transport for a large number of employees. Additionally, having a drug test would result in extended periods of downtime which can affect business. This is why Rapidscreen123 bring the drug test to you! We arrive at your workplace with the required instruments and personnel to conduct the drug test.

Rapidscreen123 provides breathing alcohol tests, 5 panel and 10 panel drug tests for NON DOT companies. We offer same day drug tests for convenience after scheduling a test through a phone call.

For situations where time is important, we provide same day drug testing results. This includes services we provide to employers, services we provide to individuals and our immediate drug testing services.

We are proud to announce that we have testing facilities all around the country, just for your convenience! Our closest centers are just a few minutes away from your workplace or home. Call us to book an appointment!

What they have in common is that both drug tests require a urine sample. They differ in the range of substances the two drug tests cover. The 5 panel drug test tests for the basic, most used illicit substances; marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines and amphetamines. The 10 panel drug test covers a much wider range of substances that may be present in an individual’s body.