DOT drug testing guidelines for employers

DOT drug testing guidelines for employers

DOT drug testing guidelines for employers You may not realize it, but employees who drive on the job have special regulations regarding drug testing. These employees must pass a DOT drug test before starting working in that role. Some companies think this isn’t fair, but it’s the law for a good reason. Driving is dangerous, […]

Lab Testing

Lab Based Testing Managing your Drug-Free Workplace Policy Drug testing offers a window into your potential employee’s responsibility. Using employee drug testing also acts as an effective deterrent for drug abusers, protecting your company from dangerous or untrustworthy employees. As an employer, it is your right to maintain a drug-free workplace At Rapidscreen 123, we provide […]

Rapid Drug Testing

Rapid Drug Testing Our 10‐Panel rapid drug test will determine the presence or absence of 10 types of drugs or their metabolites in the urine and can include a laboratory confirmation, if necessary Immediate drug tests are extremely affordable and you will have the results within a few minutes. This is an effective way to […]

DOT Testing

Drug tests for DOT regulated companies Testing and Medical Research Dot regulated companies have a strict drug policy in place since their employees actions have a direct effect on the safety of other individuals. Over the years, many companies have sought the service of Rapidscreen123 to maintain DOT drug testing compliances. Our services include DOT […]

Non-DOT Testing

Non DOT Testing Helping companies form drug policies Having strong drug policies in effect gives your company a strong iron shield to wield against a wide range of legal, economical and ethical issues that are headed your way together with the use of drugs. Not only does this affect the discipline of existing employees, but […]

Onsite Drug Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing 1) 5 Panel Urine Drug Test The most common drug test is the 5 panel drug test, utilized by most private employers and DOT regulated companies. This test covers most of the basic illicit substances that you wouldn’t want your employees to be using, while saving you from the trouble and […]